Time to launch The Legend from Bruce Rock

THIS is it: the end of a long road and the beginning of another. Release day arrives in just hours.

This is the moment the words officially go from existing in the ether of my computer, to belonging to the world.

People have asked me if I’m excited and I wrote last week that I hadn’t had a chance to be excited. I expected that to come on Saturday.

Saturday is pretty much here and I’m happy to report that, yes, I’m excited.

It’s not the over-riding emotion, though. That spot is still reserved for anxiety and nervousness.

But that’s also just my character – I’m a perpetually nervous person.

What am I nervous about?

Overall, I hope people like the book and it does dad’s memory justice.

But then my nerves spiral to concerns around whether enough retailers have stocked it, so that people who want it can actually find it.

For privacy reasons, the printer doesn’t share with me the list of retailers who have ordered, so I can only go off those who have come to me directly.

However, I’m also reminded of the words a friend of mine said to me recently: “Anxiety and being nervous is fine, but you can’t let it define you”.

So, in honour of those wise words (thanks, Kav), from this moment I will be nervous, but not consumed by those nerves.

Six years ago I embarked on this project to preserve and honour the memory and legacy of my dad.

About three-and-a-half years ago, I realised how it needed to be written and who it needed to be written for.

My beautiful daughter, Charlotte, for whom the book is written, my wife Sarah and our son Jonathon will tomorrow morning be there as we launch The Legend from Bruce Rock: The Wally Foreman Story.

It was the biggest project of my life, but also one of the biggest of theirs – they gave a lot for this.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and I hope you enjoy the read.

More than anything, thank you for helping to keep a legacy alive.


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