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Wally Foreman

The Wally Foreman wikipedia page can be found here and offers some facts and dates about dad’s life.

But, briefly, he was born in Kalgoorlie in 1948 to Eric and Norma Foreman. The family shortly after moved to Bruce Rock, a town that dad championed for most of his life.

Dad spent time in the army before beginning the journey that led him to the Wally Foreman most knew from the airwaves of the ABC.

Dad went from The West Australian, to Channel NINE, and to the ABC, before being asked by the WA Government to be the inaugural director of the WA Institute of Sport in 1984, which he successfully led and at which he oversaw tremendous growth until he returned to the ABC in 2001.

There, he remained, until passing away from a heart-attack in 2006.


The Legend From Bruce Rock

All blogs relating to the biography can be found here. Look for the acronym LFBR for all things biography-related.

The Wally Foreman Biography has a working title of, The Legend From Bruce Rock, which is a name borrowed from Mick Colliss’ poem, which can be found here.

Colliss penned and read his poem for dad’s memorial service at Challenge Stadium in 2006.

The biography was initially scheduled for release in November, 2016 – a date that will commemorate the 10-year anniversary of dad’s passing. However, as projects of this nature tend to do, the enormity of it grew with time, as did my family. In between beginning the project and finishing the draft, my wife Sarah and I welcomed our daughter Charlotte Anne and son Jonathon Walter.

As any parent knows; kids change everything, including deadlines.

As of the 10-year anniversary date, the draft of the book has been completed and is in its fourth edit. The revised release date is intended for early to mid 2017.

It will contain memories and input from more than 150 people, having grown from the expected 60 at the commencement of the project.

The project began in 2012 with a simple message from former Sunday Times editor and current The West Australian editor Brett McCarthy: “Why don’t you write his biography?”

Hopefully, it will end with the reply: “I did. It was the best thing I’ve ever done”.

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