What is Manna Inc?
* As “borrowed” from the Manna Inc website

Manna is a volunteer operated charity that helps to feed, clothe and support West Australians in need.

From what began as the simple act of feeding a few homeless people in a park, Manna has grown to become one of the largest providers of meals for disadvantaged people here in Perth.

Along the way we have seen other needs that we knew had to be addressed and, so, began our School Breakfast Program, Winter School Uniform program, the School Cooking Facility, Special functions for Seniors, as well as thousands of food parcels delivered each year.

The more contact we have with the community, the more we see that there is a greater need for the services we can offer.

Read more about Manna Inc here.


What is Street Talk?
Street Talk is a series of blogs that I write with or about the homeless and needy people that Manna Inc helps to feed.

Street Talk is intended to be a five question chat with people on a semi-regular basis.

I would like to be able to tell you that, “Every Tuesday or Thursday morning, you will find a new Street Talk yarn on the blog”, but, unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that.

Some of the people we help have mental health issues, while others would prefer not to chat. Both are fine, but that means I will introduce you to these people when they feel comfortable in meeting you.


Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Manna Inc

  1. Julie Reply

    Hi Glen. Enjoyed your interview this week. I am a volunteer in the kitchen at Manna so,it’s great to read about the people we help. I look forward to your next one

    • Glen Foreman Post authorReply

      Thanks so much for reading Julie and glad to hear you’re on board with Manna already. I’m only new to the organisation, myself, but the people are amazing and it’s an important cause. Cheers and hope to say hi in person some time!

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