generic-avatar Space CadetMark Davies gazes into the final frontier, answering any questions you want to fire at him, while giving you his “What2Watch” list for the week.
generic-avatar Freelance Gaming

Nick Thomas: computer techie by day, a lot of other things by night. He’s been known to complete triathlons as easily as he does games and rounds out FFPress’ dynamic gaming duo, alongside Josh Croker. Catch Nick’s piece each Monday.



generic-avatar Vege PatchSo vego he once turned orange, local tree-eater Jimmy Walker gives you the latest pickings from his low-hanging garden, from recipes to those crazy thoughts that vegos think.
Permanently Parenting Permanently ParentingMother to toddler Hamish, wife to James and a part time Early Childhood Teacher, Meagan likes to fill her days doing the things that Hamish loves, while spending her working days getting the best out of her students. If she is not being a parent to Hamish, she is a pseudo parent to 20-plus five-year-olds. You could say she is, Permanently Parenting.


generic-avatar Gamer’s ThroneJosh “Inquizitor” Croker, a raid leader in WoW and a member of the guild Questionable Intent. He’s you’re main man for all things gaming, covering MMOs and social gaming through to FPS and RTS. By a gamer, for the gamer.


generic-avatar Higher HealthHe kind of looks like Jesus, but Justin Chadwick’s mission in life is spreading the gospel of good health. Join the crazy-haired raw vegan on a wild and wonderful journey to a better you.


generic-avatar Backstage PassLover of all-things auditory, he who can tabulate a song in a single sitting, it’s the man, the myth, the Steve “Backstage” Pass and he gives you his take on the local music scene and the gig you can’t miss for the weekend ahead.

4 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. Marie Osborne Reply

    Will the music blog include gigs happening on the Jazz scene?

    • Glen Foreman Post authorReply

      Hi Marie,
      Thanks for taking the time to drop a note. I’d love to include them, but it’s not really the music of choice for Steve. However, if you were able to provide them, I’d be happy to throw them up?

      Otherwise, I’m happy to try and source some, but might not have as much luck as what you would if you’re into the scene?

      Cheers, hope you’re well 🙂

    • Backstage Pass Reply

      Hi Marie!

      I’m mainly into louder and dirtier music, but I’ve had some cracker times at the Jazz Cellar in Osborne Park and Ellington’s in North Perth; and am currently learning swing dancing with my wife and mum (and reluctant dad). I’ll endeavour to include some jazz material down the track.

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