WM10 Preview: Must-have app for W10 Mobile Insiders


IF you’re a Windows Insider running the Windows 10 Mobile builds, you’ll know the frustrations that several memory-related bugs can cause.

This is not the answer to all your problems, but it has certainly solved a substantial number of mine.

Storage Cleaner Pro is an app that has courted its serve of criticism, mainly for the way in which it goes about doing what its name suggests – cleaning up your storage.

The criticism is from people who perceive it as a hoax and not doing anything, but my anecdotal evidence ensures me it works and I implore you to give it a try.

The latest 10549 build is currently installing on my Lumia 925, so I obviously haven’t had a chance to see if many of the memory-related issues remain. However, in previous builds, my fast-for-its-time-now-very-much-superseded Lumia 925 was struggling.

The biggest issue I faced was one which many Insiders experienced: The “Loading … Loading … Loading” screen of death.

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul has previously advised this is a memory-related issue. I read a post suggesting that “99.9%” of the issues causing it have been ironed out for 10549. Fingers crossed. However, obviously running a L925, my device is more susceptible to memory-related issues.

But every time I began experiencing delayed loading times or crashes, I would fire up Storage Cleaner Pro and the issues would disappear.

If you’re on a high-end device, you might not need this app, but for everyone else I highly recommend it!



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