Phillip Hughes: 63 Not-Out Forever

Phillip Hughes: 63 not-out forever.

Phillip Hughes: 63 not-out forever.



The batsman shuffled awkwardly

To us. To you, it was pleasure.

“Unorthodox” was just a word

On 63 not-out forever.


You see, memory is a funny thing

Form determines its measure.

’09, like you, seemed long forgotten

Until 63 not-out forever.


Just shy of 26

And 27 come December.

Both appeared guaranteed

On 63 not-out forever.


How we rise in times we fall

Is what we most remember.

You never quit. You never will

On 63 not-out forever.


Good cricketers, they come and go;

Good people are who we treasure.

We put out bats across the globe

For 63 not-out forever.


We found the plate, we turned the cogs

And “Hughes” read the letters.

On-strike at almost every crease

On 63 not-out forever.


Your innings isn’t done, my friend.

Just suspended, let’s say “bad weather”.

It will resume, but on another ground.

To us, you’re 63 not-out. Forever.



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