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EVER get gassy from fruit? Bloated maybe? Or perhaps heart burn wears you down after some delicious mangoes.

Don’t blame the fruit. Chances are you’re engaging in bad food combinations.

In a nutshell; fruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach. So just like you were meant to “pass on grass” in high school (because we all know you did, right?), you should also pass on that piece of fruit for dessert.

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Basically, fruit digests really, really, really, ridiculously quickly. Even if it’s a massive fruit meal (I’m talking five mangoes or 10 bananas), it only needs about 45-60 minutes in the stomach.

In contrast, other foods need hours to break down before moving through to your small intestine. Salads are less intensive and might only need 60-90 minutes to digest.

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So let’s look at a random scenario.

Say you ate an awesome pasta for dinner – Nonna’s specialty. She spent all day in the kitchen whipping up the sauce, making the pasta by hand, and then mixing and matching a variety of herbs and spices. She might have accidentally dropped a fingernail or two into the mix, but the meal still tasted damn good.

After you’ve gouged down on two bowls of pasta, it’s time for dessert. Nonna brings around a big platter of watermelon for everyone to eat.


The day Obama ate fruit after pasta…

“A healthy treat,” she says, as she plonks two big slices on your plate.

“Thanks Nonna,” you reply, while silently cursing that she didn’t make her famous apple pie.

So you eat the two slices of watermelon, unbutton your pants for extra stomach room and then sit back and chillax for the rest of the night.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in your body.

Over the next three to four hours, the pasta meal will be getting broken down in your stomach. If the meal contained meat, it may take up to eight hours.

On an empty stomach, fruit will digest in as little as 30 minutes. But when it’s eaten after a main meal (or before your previous meal has fully digested), its pathway is blocked. So in our scenario, the fruit ends up sitting on top of the pasta saying, “Damn man, get the hell out of my way!”

With no way past the pasta, the fruit will rot and ferment, and the whole digestive process will become an epic battle.

And the result is indigestion. Or gas. Or heart burn. Or bloating. Or a combination of these things. It’s definitely not a good look when you’re out on a date.

Some people are lucky and aren’t affected too much. Most people are more sensitive and suffer the consequences if they don’t combine food well. It becomes especially noticeable the older you get.

So the moral of the story is: ALWAYS EAT FRUIT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!

Also, don’t combine it with other foods. You can eat fruit and leafy greens together, but not anything else. The best time to eat fruit is first thing in the morning, when your stomach is almost guaranteed to be empty.

Having fruit for breakfast is perfect in more ways than one. Not only does it digest really quickly, it gives you a good hit of energy, provides you with heaps of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibre, and gives you a refreshing dose of water content.

If you want to eat fruit later in the day, then eat it at least 30-40 minutes before your next meal.

So unbutton your pants and get eating!



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