Growing Greener: My Top 5 sugar-free sodas


HIGH FIVE: Sarah's five bubbly, sugar-free creations.

HIGH FIVE: Sarah’s five bubbly, sugar-free creations.


Sarah Foreman
YES, I’m calling them sodas because we were in America over January and the word has a certain nostalgia to it.

But, anyway… Why sugar-free?

Glen and I have been sugar-free for a little while now. After returning from that trip to America, we had both put on a few kilos and I had previously been toying with the idea of going sugar-free to see if it benefitted my health.

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So after much discussion and some research, we decided to experiment and trial Sarah Wilson’s eight-week I Quit Sugar program.

Sarah Wilson’s IQS is a program she developed through her own experimentation and research and, ultimately, became a way to optimize her health and reduce factors that negatively influenced her autoimmune disease.

You can find out more info and buy the program through her website [here]. She’s an interesting read.

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Anyway, the idea of no more sugar was daunting and, in all honesty, I didn’t think we’d actually get through the program. But we did and it wasn’t as hard as I expected. We’ve now been sugar-free for more than two months and have no interest in going back.

For me, the benefits have been huge. I have heaps more energy, no longer feel the need for afternoon naps, feel lighter and less bloated, my skin looks clearer and I lost those cheeky few kilos that had crept on. Glen is the same.

I don’t feel like I’m missing out on sweet stuff or depriving myself of well-deserved treats.

Don’t get me wrong, I still go out for coffee and dinner and I’ll appreciate those scrumptious looking cakes or desserts, but I don’t have any desire to eat them. And, of course, we still eat fruit.

Instead I get really excited about the possibilities of making and creating delicious sugar-free recipes. I’ve had a fun time experimenting with flavours, ingredients and other people’s recipes, which I’ll share in later posts.

So, for today, here are my top five sugar-free soda recipes. They’re a great, fun, guilt-free bubbly.

Berry Bang

Berry Bang

1. My all time favourite – Berry Bang
Pick a few mints leaves and drop into a glass. Grab a small handful of frozen berries and drop on top of the mint. Fill the glass with sparkling mineral water and, using a spoon, bang the berries around to release their juice.



Lovely Lemonade

Lovely Lemonade

2. Just like Nanna used to make – Lovely Lemonade
Squeeze the juice of half a lemon (or whole depending on strength desired) into a glass. Add half a teaspoon of stevia. Fill the glass with sparkling mineral water and mix. Be warned the stevia does make it fizz up a bit so don’t fill all the way.



Lime Loving Lemon

Lime Loving Lemon

3. Some things were made for each other – Lime Loving Lemon
Squeeze the juice of half a lime and half a lemon into a glass. Add half a teaspoon of stevia. Fill the glass with sparkling mineral water and mix.




Orange Outcast

Orange Outcast

4. It doesn’t look appealing, but it’s great – Orange Outcast
A little stronger that the others this one uses the whole fruit. Squeeze the juice of an orange into a glass and fill the rest with sparkling mineral water. Sweet enough by itself.




Giddy-Up Ginger

Giddy-Up Ginger

5. Fun to watch and fun to drink – Giddy up Ginger
Peel and chop a small knob of ginger. Drop into a glass with half a teaspoon of stevia. Fill the glass with sparkling mineral water and mix. I tend to add a few mint leaves too.




** All stevia amounts as well as other ingredient quantities are adjustable. Play around and see what works for your taste buds.

My excessive use of alliteration is not so adjustable.

Happy drinking!


About Sarah
SarahBit by bit, I have been turning the Foreman household into a more sustainable and healthy place to be. I look forward to sharing that journey with you, from the food we create to the changes we make as we grow greener.




What did you think of Sarah’s bubbly creations? Do you have some recipes of your own you want to share? Leave a comment and share your creations.

7 thoughts on “Growing Greener: My Top 5 sugar-free sodas

  1. Hiya Sarah. First, there’s no such thing as too much alliteration heheh. Secondly, what is stevia? I’m working on going sugar free, too, but the negative health consequences of artificial sweeteners doesn’t appeal. At the moment, I’m trying to use honey in place of sugar with varying results (great in tea, nasty in coffee).

    • Hi! Glad you agree on the alliteration. Must be a teacher thing :). Stevia is a natural sweetener. It is a herb from South America. You can find it in the sugar section of most supermarkets in granules or liquid form. Be careful it’s super sweet but minus the calories and negative effects of sugar.

    • Haha Sarah was like, “Justin’s going to think we don’t eat fruit and I’m worried he’s going to hate me”.

      Yes, we love fruit. Probably the one part of Sarah Wilson’s regime we don’t agree with.

      • I never said hate but worried I was. Fruit is awesome JC! Sarah Wilson eats fruit but smaller amounts. She only cuts it out during the detox period to let the body recalibrate.

  2. Hi all. I am Diabetic and have recently discovered the dangers of using artificial sweetner ( I fear its a bit late for those of us who have been using them for over 20years). I started using stevia a year ago but still can’t enjoy it in tea :(. My Mum bought me a Cookbook written by a Diabetic and he uses agave nectar to sweeten things would agave be ok for you to use in a sugar free diet. BTW I am enjoying reading your recipies they are great for diabetics! ty

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